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Im not begging for money! I have ran bad as of late and need a turnaround. If im playing with my own money I get foolish, and as we all know playing with someone elses money makes you think alot more and Im trying to be a better more disciplined poker player. Im looking for a stake program more than just a single tournament or game. I can play single table tournaments as well as MTTs. Im not looking for anything substantial, just hoping to get my feet wet with an investor. There are .55 on demand MTTs that run all day and night and would be willing to grind out as many as possible. I am also willing to grind out 9 player 1.10 SNGs if that sounds better to you. Im comfortable with both. 

Player Name on ACR- JuicyJoeS

Type of game- Micro MTT or Micro SNG

Communication- I will communicate with you in any way you see fit, whether by OTR chat, text message, Facebook message.(I will give you this info if and when we make a deal through private chat)

Schedule- If an investor is interested, we will discuss how I will spend the money and I will stick to that game plan.

Money- All money from original investment(if not lost) will be returned as well as some kind of commission(open for discussion) 50/50- 60/40 sounds fair. 

Think I covered my bases on this, but if theres anything I may have forgotten to put in here just let me kn

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