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OTR Quiz for a seat to the Weekly $25k gtd a $22.00 buyin Sept 20th- Sept 23

OTR is hosting a weekly quiz, word search or Riddles on various subjects..  ALL Participants will be entered into a draw for a seat to Americas Card Room $25k!!!! Upon winning, you MUST agree to a 70/30 split should you cash in the game!!  Winner will be selected by the OTR Raffle Copter and announced in this thread under your answer/post, Friday Sept 23rd for the following weeks game!!  You will have 24 hrs to claim your prize or it will be forfeited  and sent back to the OTR Prize Vault!!   You MUST submit your answers in this thread to be eligible for any prize,,.. Ready Set GO>>>> and Good Luck!!!

1. What is the name given to the strongest hand in high-low poker?
 The Rockets
 The Turn
 The Wheel
 Double Whammy

2. If you have the best possible hand in the game of hold'em you have the ____ ?
 big 'un

3. Who went on to win the world championship of poker in Las Vagas from just one chip?
 Zane Winslade
 Jack Strauss
 Stu Unger
 Amarillo Slim

4. How many people were first enshrined in the Poker Hall of Fame when it was created in 1979?

5. Which of the following was NOT in the group to be first enshrined in the Hall of fame?
 Edmund Hoyle
 Puggy Pearson
 Nick Dandolos
 Sid Wyman

6. Who was the first man to win $1 million in tournament play?
Answer:  ( Two words, or just surname)

7. Who was the youngest ever Hall-of-Famer to be enshrined, when he was inducted at age of 40?
 Stu Unger
 David Edward "Chip" Reese
 Lyle Berman
 T. "Blondie" Forbes

8. In which of these games does a flush NOT stand up to a full-house?
 2 card manila
 5 card stud
 3 card manila
 3 card high-low split

9. In which of these games do you NOT have to use two cards from your down cards (pocket cards)?
 Two-card manila
 Seven-card stud high/low split
 Three-card manila
 Omaha high/low split

10. The winner of a called hand must show all four of his/her cards in Omaha high/low split to claim the pot.

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1.The Wheel


3.Jack Strauss


5.Puggy Pearson


7.David Edward "Chip" Reese

8.5 card stud

9.Seven-card stud hi/lo split



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