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OTR is hosting a weekly quiz on various subjects..  ALL Participants will be entered into a draw for a seat to Americas Card Room $25k!!!!  Winner will be selected by the OTR Raffle Copter and announced in this thread under your answer/post, Friday Feb 5th for the following weeks game!!  You will have 24 hrs to claim your prize or it will be forfeited  and sent back to the OTR Prize Vault!!   You MUST submit your answers in this thread to be eligible for any prize,,.. Ready Set GO>>>> and Good Luck!!!

1. He was a three-time World Champion (with five WSOP bracelets). He won ten major No Limit Hold'em championship events (in which the buy-ins were $5,000 or higher). Who is this man? Clue: Some believe he was the greatest hold 'em player of all time, and he died in 1998.
 Stu Ungar
 James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickok
 Edmund Hoyle
 T.J. Cloutier

2. Complete the Quote: 'I'm gonna go all in because I don't think you've got the ________'?
 Pocket Rockets

3. What is Amarillo Slim's real name?
 David Amaril Thompson
 Zane Marino Johnson
 Tamarillo Shin
 Thomas Austin Preston

4. What hand does the Cinncinati kid hold in the Steve McQueen 5-card stud poker movie?
 Straight Flush
 Aces-Full House
 Royal Flush
 Eights-Full House

5. Complete the Quote: 'I guess that comes down to what its all about kid, Making the _______ move at the right time.'?

6. The Dead Man's Hand can be attributed to which Poker legend?
 'Wild Bill' Hickok
 Puggy Pearson
 Johnny Chan
 Edmund Hoyle

7. If I was sitting down in a game of Texas Hold 'em and found out I was the worst player in the game and everyone was happily taking my hard earned money, I would most probably be a ___________?
 Person with Bad Luck

8. Im playing No limit Texas Hold 'em in a full ring game, someone has raised me 10,000 dollars pre-flop (I have 50,000, he has 30,000) I look at my cards and have two Aces, The most probable correct play would be to __________?
 Re-raise him all in or smooth call
 Sit and look at the cards for hours
 Go get a drink from the bar

9. Who won the World Series main event in 1970, 1971, and 1974?
 Puggy Pearson
 Johnny Moss
 Edmund Hoyle
 Matthew 'Wolf' Bishop

10. Which of the following is not a variation of Poker?
 Lock 'em stud

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Stu Unger


Thomas Austin Preston

Aces-Full House


'Wild Bill' Hickok


Re-raise him all in or smooth call

Johnny Moss

 Lock 'em stud

1. stu ungar,  2. spades, 3. thomas preston, 4. aces full, 5. wrong, 6. wild bill, 7. fish, 8. go all in, 9. johnny moss, 10. lock 'em stud

1) Stu Ungar
2) Pocket Rockets
3) Thomas Austin Preston
4) Aces Full House (of 10s)
5) Wrong
6) Wild Bill Kickok
7) Fish
8) Reraise him all-in or smooth call
9) Johnny Moss
10. Lock 'em stud

1. Stu Ungar

2. Spades

3. Thomas Austin Preston JR

4. Straight Flush

5. Wrong

6.  'Wild Bill' Hickok

7. Fish

8. Re-raise him all in or smooth call

9.  Johnny Moss

10.  Lock 'em stud

1.] Stu Ungar
2.] Spades
3.] Thomas Austin Preston
4.] Aces Full of 10's  FullHouse
5.] Wrong
6.] Wild Bill Hickok
7.] Fish
8.] Reraise all-in or smooth call
9.] Johnny Moss
10]. Lock 'em stud

Congrats  PETE CHERRY for winning the Seat to the $25k must claim in chat and email me pamela@ontiltradio.com with your log in name..

Congrats  PETE CHERRY for winning the Seat to the $25k must claim in chat and email me pamela@ontiltradio.com with your log in name..you now have until 8:30 PM est to claim your seat

Stu Ungar
Thomas Austin Preston
Full House Aces
Wild Bill Kickok
Reraise him All-In or smooth call
Johnny Moss
Lock 'Em Stud

1. Stu Ungar  2. Nuts  3. Thomas Austin Preston  4. Aces Full  5. Wrong  6. Wild Bill  7. Fish  8. Raise him all-in or smooth call  9. Johnny Moss  10. Lock 'em stud

1. Stu Ungar  2. nuts  3. T. A. Preston  4. Aces-Full House  5. wrong  6. Wild Bill  7. fish  8. raise him all-in or smooth call  9. Johnny Moss  10. lock 'em stud


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