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Who is your favorite DJ. I don't have one here yet, but, I have 3 on terrestrial radio So I wrote this for them earlier this month. 

My fave is Doug Podell, btw.


When a great DJ is on the air, they can cast your worries aside,
Like a dune buggy for your ears, they are taking you for a ride.
They know how to Rock and Roll, and how to give you the beat.
A day without your favorite DJ, is a day that's incomplete.

On any given day, you may want to hear one particular tune,
And if you call in to request it, they'll usually play it soon.
And if they don't it's okay, they didn't do anything wrong.
They have so many people, calling in for their own song.

Let them know you're out there listening,
'Cause they're good at what they do.
They're going to play your song someday,
And send it out to you.

They seem to never forget a fan,
Who appreciates them on the air.
So if you do, give them call,
And tell them you're happy that they are there.

They're playing music for us, day in and day out,
Through our sunshine and our rain.
Their personality on the radio, is what it's all about,
Without them, life would be mundane.

So if you're listening to your station,
And they play a song that makes your day,
Somehow, someway, you must let them know,
That they are a great DJ!!

© October 9, 2016

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